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Remote Work is here to stay. Numerous companies, small, medium, and large, across all industry sectors are announcing their workers will be working from home for months more, and in some cases even indefinitely. Given that remote work and virtual selling now go hand-in-hand do you know how to:

  • Pivot your in-person sales skills to a virtual environment?
  • Avoid the biggest headaches decision-makers are facing?
  • Bring the value BEFORE asking for the meeting?
  • How will you bring the "Human Touch" to every online encounter?

This sales training course is expressly designed to, not only answer those questions, but also give you the insights and tools to gain a competitive advantage in virtual selling.

Your Instructor

Jay McChord
Jay McChord

Jay McChord is a highly requested speaker, trainer, facilitator and consultant to companies, institutions and organizations globally.

Recognized as an authority on the Multi-Generational Workplace and the emerging Remote Work/ Virtual Environment Workplace, Jay’s high value content and high-energy live, virtual, and hybrid events have earned him the nickname of “Your Chief Encouragement Officer”. Jay will give you the tools to successfully navigate the challenges of, not only, the Multi-Generational Workplace -made up of Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials...and the coming Gen-Z generation - but also the challenges of the Remote Work/ Virtual Environment Workplace!

Jay's passion is to light a spark of encouragement and see leaders and teams communicate differently and more effectively in today’s eight second world. He does this by teaching solid communication, leadership, and relationship skills that equip you and your team to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Jay brings a unique perspective to his sessions as a former Global Senior Sales Trainer for a multi-billion dollar international technology company, an elected official, published author and military artist. Jay’s connection to each audience ignites energy, enthusiasm and passion.

Jay and his wife, Jennifer, have two children, Riley and Davis, and make their home in Lexington, KY.

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