15 Minute Short - Multi-Generational Workplace

Understanding (and Leveraging) the Multi-Generational Workplace

Looking for a dynamic, yet short, keynote speech for your meeting that is not only relevant but critical to every attendee's success? Are you short on budget and time? This video is a game-changer for your next meeting or lunch & learn.

Did you know, currently there are 4 (and in some cases 5) separate generations working side by side...all communicating very differently? Navigating this multi-generational work environment is essential for individual and team success.

In this video, Jay McChord, offers powerful insights and tools for not only navigating our multi-generational workplace but leveraging the assets of each generation. Jay gives you critical strategies and tools to increase any attendee's communication and leadership abilities.

This short, 15 minute keynote session is perfect for your team meeting, lunch & learn, sales call strategy, association meeting, or just as an individual learning. Those who can understand and leverage today's multi-generational workplace will find themselves attaining new levels of influence and success.