15 Minute Short - Millennials

Understanding Millennials, What Makes Them Tick, and How to Bridge the Gap

Looking for a dynamic, yet short, keynote speech for your meeting that is relevant to every attendee? Are you short on budget and time? This video is a great addition to your meeting or lunch & learn.

In this video, Jay McChord introduces you to Millennials in the format of a short 15 minute keynote speech that is perfect for your team meeting, lunch and learn, sales call strategy, association meeting, or just as an individual learning. He will explain who Millennials are, how to recruit and retain them, as well as how to motivate and move this generation. And if YOU are a Millennial, this will provide great information for your team or organization on how to best utilize the Millennials that impact them.

Spend approximately 15 minutes with Jay to understand Millennials, work through the questions and activities Jay proposes and take your team or organization to a new level with Millennials.